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Weekly 1.5 hours sessions to clear all the self-limiting beliefs, traumatic memories, and unconscious patterns that no longer serve you. Best of all, no personal details are necessary! Each session focusses on a theme which changes monthly - topics such as faith, financial abundance, weight loss, love, or past bad memories or relationships 

Unlearn trauma and ineffective coping skills and re-wire your neurons for your most desired goals, dreams and relationships!

One monthly fee for all 4 sessions.


Create a neurological map leading you directly to your dreams and goals! Identify what you truly want in life, and train your neural network to recognize and gravitate towards your most desired goals, dreams and relationships! Renew your mind.

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James Malinchak

Co-author Chicken Soup for the College Soul, two-time College Speaker of the Year, Founder of, and featured on the ABC hit television show, Secret Millionaire.

If you are ready to positively transform your life, then absorb Karen's simple, yet powerful strategies!

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Two Men Shaking Hands

Larry Ketchum

Tri-County Comm. Action Director of Operations

"I cannot recall another time when I actually received thank you notes from employees expressing 

appreciation for the

wonderful workshop! Your message was very inspiring as noted in the participant comments to you as well ss the comments I and other members of TCC's mgmt have recieved."​

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Pregnant women in yoga class

Allyson Lundeen & Sandy Palo

Teen Moms of Morrison County Co-Directors

You had their attention from beginning to end, sharing from your life experiences with confidence and enthusiasm. Your easy informal style drew the audence to you and promoted inspiration to our young women. We were very pleased and highly endorse you as a speaker!

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If you will spend money on your wedding, will you invest in the success of your marriage?

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Counseling or Life Coaching for Individuals, Couples, Youth or Families

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Online Group Coaching

  • Neuro-Transformative sessions focused on changing self-limiting beliefs on the sub/super conscious level

  • We improve beliefs all people share including, love, abundance, belonging, provision, connection, confidence, etc.