I'm Dr. Karen.

          I specialize in methods that take advantage of the brain's natural

“plasticity” or ability to unlearn trauma, and learn more effective and

satisfying patterns, resulting in lasting, positive changes at the deepest levels.

I believe that if your mind is able to create the problem, you're also able produce the

solution. My job is to help you find clarity: what is it you want to have, be or do, and

how to get from here to there. 

         I use many techniques based on your needs including Biblical counseling; 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Memory Reconsolidating; Neurolinguistic Programming; Hypnotherapy; Reality Therapy; Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, Logotherapy, EFT/EMDR/FEFT,

and more. 


        I believe and follow Jesus Christ, however clients do not need to have any particular spiritual beliefs to benefit from counseling. For those who desire Biblical support, key verses that support Christian counseling are Romans 12:2; 2 Corinthians 10:4-5; and John 5:6. 


       Before you wonder if you can afford to invest in your mental, physical and spiritual health, ask:

  • How much has it cost you to carry this burden?

  • How many supplements and medical visits have you purchased?

  • How much sleep have you lost?

  • How many types of counseling or change work have you spent money on without getting real or lasting relief?

  • Can you afford to continue as you are?


     I do guarantee measurable changes from the very first session because I am my most frequent client, and I know my methods work. 


How many sessions should I book? 

To begin, I provide a free initial phone consultation to discuss what you would like to change, and how we will go about creating that outcome. We will then choose together what is best for your needs, however

  • If you are seeking individual sessions, I suggest starting with a package of 3-6 sessions 

  • If you have deep seated issues, I recommend you choose a package of 12 sessions. These include:

    • addiction to food, alcohol or drugs, gambling, abusive or narcissitic relationships, etc., 

    • grief

    • chronic pain/illness

    • stubborn weight

    • anger

    • toxic relationships

    • eating disorders

    • suicidal thoughts

    • trauma that you have tried to deal with in the past without success​


What would you like to change today? I can help, if you're willing.


     I help all ages,  children through adults. I also offer pre-marital, couples, family and career counseling using the Arnos Profile System Temperament Assessment.

     I promise to support you spiritually, even if that looks different for you than it does for me. If you've got issues with God (or people in the church who hurt or disappointed you) this is a good place to safely deal with what happened, back then. If you are not ready to go there, we'll go to what and where you are ready to be free from right now.

Remember, what you don't let go of today, you get to keep...

 Get in touch today to begin.

     Jesus Messiah approached a man who had been laying in misery for 38 years. He asked him one question: "Do you truly want to be healed?" 


     What Jesus probably meant was, are you ready to let go of the identity you have formed by being         (your problem here)? 


     To heal, it has to have become more painful to stay the same than to begin to change. We have to be more afraid of where we've been than where we might go. That man was healed that very day. It's your turn.

Schedule a FREE 30 minute call, no obligation, to learn more.

Dr. Karen R. Liddell, Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor - Advanced Board Certified in Marriage & Family Therapy; Child & Youth Therapy; Temperament Therapy. Certified in Dual Diagnosis with Addiction; Group Therapy; FasterEFT including Grief & Loss and Weight Loss. Trained in Hypnotherapy. 

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Karen changed my life in just ONE session! She helped me resolve a decades long pattern of insomnia and I've been sleeping great ever since. Truly grateful for her gifts, she's an amazing practitioner!

Beth Kendall, MA, FNTP, Minnesota

Counseling & Coaching That Actually Works!


Guidance & Inspiration

I want to see what's important to you, and hear what you most want to change, so that you feel what it's like to live your life of purpose and joy, now.

"I cannot recall another time when I actually received thank you notes from employees expressing appreciation for the wonderful workshop. Your message was very inspiring as noted in the participant comments to you as well ss the comments I and other members of TCC's mgmt have recieved."

Larry Ketchum, Tri-County Community Action Director of Operations

"You had their attention from beginning to end, sharing from your life experiences with confidence and enthusiasm. Your easy informal style drew the audence to you and promoted inspiration to our young women. We were very pleased and highly endorse you as a speaker." 

Allyson Lundeen & Sandy Palo, Teen Moms of Morrison County Co-Directors

"If you are ready to positively transform your life, absorb Karen's simple, yet powerful strategies."

James Malinchak, business and motivational speaker, featured on the Hit ABC TV Show, Secret Millionaire, co-author Chicken Soup for the College Soul, twice named “College Speaker of the Year.” 

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"I cannot recall another time when I actually received thank you notes from employees expressing appreciation for the wonderful workshop. Your message was very inspiring as noted in the participant comments to you as well ss the comments I and other members of TCC's mgmt have recieved." L. Ketchum,


"No challenge is too great to overcome, no dream too grand to achieve, and no past too strong to hold you back from your future!"Dr. Karen


Bemidji, Minnesota, USA

(218) 228-0546

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